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WCS Hellas has donated an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system to the S/S Hellas Liberty, which was installed on board with the aid of Technoservice.

The S/S Hellas Liberty is one of the five surviving Liberty Ships and the only one in its commercial form, among the 2710 ships that were built in the United States between 1941 and 1945, to meet British orders for transports and to replace ships that had been lost during World War II.

Her maiden name was Arthur M. Huddell and in 2008 it was donated to Greece by the US Government. Subsequently she was towed to Piraeus-Greece and was converted in to a floating museum.


Greek shipping community, the Liberties were referred as the “blessed ships”, since they formed the foundations on which the Greek post-war merchant fleet was built.

Of the 1,272 ships operating under the Greek flag at the start of World War II, 914 were lost during the course of the war. Following the end of the war all of the undamaged Allied shipyards were operating at full capacity, building replacement ships for their own fleets. Greece was among a number of countries wanting to rebuild their fleets. In response, the United States passed a law in March 1946 allowing the sale of American vessels to foreign nationals.

On the 6th of April 1946, the Greek government issued a letter of guarantee for the purchase of up to 100 Liberty ships. Backed by this financial guarantee Greek shipowners were able to purchase 98 Liberty ships from the US Government between December 1946 and April 1947. Among those were John Theodoracopoulos, Aristotle Onassis, Stavros Niarchos, Stavros George Livanos, Goulandris brothers, Andreadis, Tsavliris.

Further Greek purchases of Liberty ships continued through the 1950s, with the peak occurring in 1963. Thereafter their numbers in the Greek fleet began to decline. Of the 722 Liberties in service in 1966, 603 were owned by Greeks, who by the early 1970s controlled the biggest commercial fleet in the world.

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