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Worldwide Corrosion Services Hellas & Co. was founded in 2005 in Hellinikon-Greece and was mainly staffed by Marpo Ltd. senior personnel.

In 2010 WCS moved to new offices at Glyfada-Greece.

Worldwide Corrosion Services (WCS), Marine Technical Solutions (MTS) and Marpo Marine and Industrial Services are forming the Marpo Group of Companies, dealing with the design and applications of:

  • Cathodic Protection (Sacrificial Anode Systems, Impressed Current Systems).
  • Electrolytic Antifouling Systems (Marine Growth Preventions Systems).

WCS employs senior engineers with many years of experience in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of the above-mentioned systems. More specifically, our engineers are officially approved to Service Corrpro, Electrocatalytic-NCE and Wilson Walton systems, although we are capable of servicing any system as is reflected in our service records which indicate over 140 service calls annually. Service Engineers are available from our office in Glyfada or through a network of selected associates worldwide.

Our services include ICCP and MGPS log evaluation as well as basic troubleshooting assistance.

Apart from engineering services we maintain a large stock of spare parts for all major makers and we can trace or fabricate parts for less popular systems.

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